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Peter Bill

The Dahlia Jacket

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Discover the versatile Dahlia Jacket. With a unique block print on one side and crisp white quilting on the other, this cropped jacket offers effortless style and comfort. Made with high-quality materials, its reversible design ensures you can create multiple looks with just one piece. 

100% cotton.

Size recommendations:

S/M - 8-12 

1/2 chest - 50cm + Length 50cm 

L/XL - 12-16

1/2 chest - 58cm + Length 50cm


Please note: These are hand blocked prints, each piece is unique and may have slight variations.

Block printing details:

Most ancient textile art forms are eco-friendly. So it is with hand block printing. Every aspect of its process involves sustainable practices that not just respect the planet, but celebrate it too. Thus, each block printed fabric is nothing less than a piece of art that speaks of its uniqueness, and also carries a message of sustainable fashion.

Hand block printing requires skill and plenty of practice in order to create uniform and clear block printing patterns. The tiny variations in the block printing, its vibrant and meaningful motifs, and the handmade technique of Indian block print fabric are what give it such a unique charm.